From Self Sabotage to Success! #ManifestingMonday

Have you ever “shot yourself in the foot” and done things to put the kibosh on your own success? Today I am talking about the inner saboteur, why we have it and how we can change our own self-defeating behavior.

What Is Authentic Self Love? #ManifestingMonday

What is your self love number? Know this: the higher it is, the better your life will work. Today I am going to talk about what authentic self love is – and what it isn’t!

Giving Yourself Permission #ManifestingMonday

Manifesting Monday Maui Edition! ? If you want a life of joy & to be happy, healthy & free, give yourself permission to feel ALL of your feelings and BE!

People Pleaser NO MORE #ManifestingMonday

Though it is noble to want to please others, if we do it at the sacrifice of taking care of ourselves, we are setting ourselves up for pain, confusion, frustration and unhealthy relationships. Today, I share characteristics of people pleasing and some action steps you can take if you are ready to manifest an empowered life you love.

Just Breathe! #ManifestingMonday

Today, I am talking about a simple practice you can more consciously participate in, to increase your vibrancy, prosperity (or whatever else you want!) It is free, easy AND you are already doing it!

Claiming A Life of Freedom #ManifestingMonday

Claiming a life of freedom and celebrating our independence!

Creating and Claiming Closure #ManifestingMonday

When we experience loss, of a person, relationship, a dream, or anything that causes us pain, it is helpful, healing and important to allow ourselves the experience of closure. I talk about how we can do this for and within ourselves, so that we can go on to live a more peaceful and empowered life.

Do you want a fish OR a fishing pole? #ManifestingMonday

Give someone a fish and they will eat for a day, give them a fishing pole and they will eat for a lifetime! Laticia and I talk about the most powerful tools, techniques and processes that have supported us in manifesting lives of prosperity, grace, ease, joy and success (as well as crazily abundant fish?!)

Finding Your Purpose #ManifestingMonday

When we live life from our minds, or are unconsciously being propelled by our hurts, we can be ushered “off track”. When we open our hearts and starting having authentic conversations with the Something Greater our soul’s path can be made clear with more grace and ease.

The One Quality that will Improve Your Life #ManifestingMonday

As we open our hearts, become more still, gracious and receptive, we naturally start to attract more goodness and grace. I apologize for the stuck spots in this video (you can fast forward if you like) And we hope you receive value!