Cultivating Boundaries and Claiming Peace

Cultivating Boundaries & Claiming Peace – Gift Included

Many would agree, we live in challenging times. However, as we learn to cultivate clear healthy boundaries, it is possible to reside in the place of peace, despite the circumstances, challenges, and “chaos” going on outside of ourselves.

Whether it is our close relationships with those we love, people who are “problems,” or just the unrest and discomfort of mass consciousness, boundaries are helpful, and in fact vital, if we want to feel peaceful, comfortable, and be truly empowered.  

To be able to take responsibility (the ability to respond) to external influences we have no control over, it is important to “build our spiritual muscle,” strengthen our divine alignment and place a boundary around this connection.  This helps us not only to feel better and attract better things, but also positively influence others and the world from the inside out. 

If we want to feel better AND be a positive force in the world, it is vital to be able to remain in the “eye of the storm”  and to be able to witness storms from the internal space of compassion, peace, and equanimity. 

If you are ready to be in the driver’s seat of your own life, want to consciously choose the energy in which you reside, and claim your internal sovereign space, I created this “Boundaries Meditation” for you.

This meditation is a great way to start your day, before immersing yourself in the activities and energy of the world. If you do it consistently for a week, I promise you will feel more peaceful inside of yourself, safer in the world, and more connected to your soul.

My prayer and intention is that it supports you in many ways.
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Sending you blessings of equanimity, empowerment, grace, ease, peace, and ever-expanding  love,

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