Claiming Courage, Confidence & Compassion! #ManifestingMonday

My sister Tonda and I discuss, claiming a more joyful, expansive & “colorful” life, by participating in small acts of courage & practicing self-compassion. This in turn can help you dissolve fear, deepen in your confidence & support you in becoming more whole, happy, lovable, loving & loved.

Allowing God To Lead #ManifestingMonday

We all are precious, priceless & immensely valuable from the perspective of our Creator. But not until we come into a relationship with God can we be directed, blessed, pampered and cared for the way we deeply deserve to be. Just like a horse can be broken for humans, humans can be broken (or gentled) to serve the Universe. This is how we manifest a heaven on earth, miracle-filled life we love.

Getting To Know Your Inner Aspects #ManifestingMonday

We all have a family of selves within ourself. It is so helpful and empowering to become aware of these aspects and become internally congruent. As within, so without. If we are unaware and fractured inside of ourselves, life will show up as chaotic and confusing. Know thy selves and become whole. This is how we invite and experience more grace, ease, peace and joy in our lives.

The Healing Power of Listening #ManifestingMonday

If you want to be a loving presence for others and a healer of the world AND if you would like more grace, peace, ease and goodness, learn to listen from the heart! It may not be easy or natural in the beginning, but once you get it, life becomes a miraculous adventure!

Surrendering Fear and Finding Freedom #ManifestingMonday

If you are ready to let go of fear, relax into freedom and receive permission to be your authentic self, this conversation is dedicated to you. Thank you for being part of this energy and my life. You are a beautiful blessing in my world.

The Healing Crisis #ManifestingMonday

Why is it when we make positive changes, negative things seem to happen? It is called the “healing crisis” and I will be sharing a bit about why this happens and how we can minimize our pain as we ascend into better, brighter, happier and healthier versions of ourselves.

Synchronicity #ManifestingMonday

Synchronicity! What it is, why it happens & 6 things we can do to invite more grace, ease, universal support and Godwinks!

Giving God Sovereignty #ManifestingMonday

The most important and powerful thing we can do to create a happy, fulfilling human experience, is to give God Sovereignty in our lives. I am going to share a little story about what this means and how we can do it.

The Journey From Fear to Love #ManifestingMonday

Does fear paralyze or propel you? I am sharing information about how fear can be your teacher, inspire courage and support you in living a life of great love.

Acknowledging Your Gifts & Value #ManifestingMonday

My sister Tonda and I talk about some of our greatest life lessons, blessings and challenges. We also discuss how we gave up “people pleasing,” cultivated a relationship with Spirit and learned to authentically love ourselves – and how you can too!