A 5 Minutes Process to Start Your Day Clear, Congruent and Empowered #ManifestingMonday

I’m sharing a 6 step process that can support you in starting your day in a clear, congruent and empowered way. If you don’t want to get “swept along” the current of mass consciousness (which is fear-based) this simple exercise will help. Taking 5 minutes in the morning to participate in the process will support you in creating a life you love!

Gracious Receiving #ManifestingMonday

I’m sharing one of the simplest, yet most effective tools, to assist you in expanding your manifesting container! Let me know your thoughts!

The Power of Surrender #ManifestingMonday

A simple, yet powerful practice, that can support you in lining with with your soul self, Source and help you manifest what is yours by Divine Right.

The Importance of the Inner Child #ManifestingMonday

Understanding and cultivating the two most important relationships we can ever have!

Basic Principles of Manifesting From The Inside Out! #ManifestingMonday

I am excited to announce a new series called Manifesting Mondays! I will be going live on my Facebook page every Monday. You can watch it live there, here on my website, or on my YouTube channel. Thank you for tuning in!

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