We Are More Powerful Than We Know

Life for so many seems very strange right now, and yes we are certainly in unchartered territory. However, often what we think can be so horrible and awful from the perspective of our human selves, can be seen as incredible and empowering from the perspective of the soul.

Earth is a school and we are here to learn about love. The opposite of love is fear. We are currently on a planet of duality and we have the experience of contrast to support us making our personal choices and setting our personal intentions.  And as we do, we have the ability to bring more of what we want, choose and intend onto this planet.

Fear is not necessarily” the bad guy” it is an important ingredient, powerful quality and catalyst that can inspire growth, healing, and help inform our personal intentions.

So, what intentions are you setting for yourself now? 

I see this “pocket of time” as a rich opportunity to deepen in my faith, shore up my connection to The Divine, rest in peace, and become a beacon of love in the world.  

Another one of my intentions is to support you in doing the same.

Rather than waiting for the world to change, so we can feel better, which is a victim posture, and giving our power away, we can instead become what we want to see in the world, which is choosing to become “an energetic influencer” and becoming empowered.

If you are ready to claim your power, manifest more from the inside out, to feel more peaceful and become a conduit for more faith, grace, and love in the world, I created this “From Fear to Faith” Guided Meditation for you.

I truly believe that no matter what things look like, or feel like, we are deeply loved by our Creator.  And this is where my sense of safety, peace, and comfort abides. I hope and pray you find comfort in this as well.

You are safe, you are seen, you are adored and you are Divinely Supported.

I invite you to be in touch with your thoughts, experiences of this meditation, prayer requests, questions, stories, revelations or anything else you would like to share,

Sending you blessings of grace, ease, peace, gratitude, empowerment, comfort, and ever-expanding love,

Tammi Baliszewski, Ph.D

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