Letting Love In

When we are young, we are innocent. It is our inherent nature to love and expect to be loved in return. As souls we come from love and we are wired for love. However, on this planet, plane and “school of duality,” it is inevitable we will eventually experience hurt, betrayal, disconnection and disillusionment. When these things happen, it is our natural propensity to establish a protective shield, or start to build walls around our hearts.

Heart walls are built an attempt to prevent any future pain and hurt from happening. But these walls don’t keep the pain out, they lock the hurt in.

These walls can cause a multitude of problems, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. One significant issue is they isolate us and make us feel lonely. They also prevent the flow of giving and receiving love, which is our inherent nature and one of the most important reasons we are here as spiritual beings having a human experience.

In order to feel safe, so we can lower our defenses and become available for love, it is vital to dismantle these walls. These walls can start to dissolve as we begin to cultivate kindness, empathy and compassion for ourselves. It is important to learn how to authentically and gently care for ourselves. And because we attract people who treat us like we treat ourselves, this can naturally support us in becoming more discerning about who we let close and how close.

If we want to heal and become whole, we need to be able to bring love and compassion to the places inside that hurt. As we acknowledge and heal our mental and emotional trauma, we become more clear. This is how we become “spiritual adults,“ rather than unaware, hurting, unhealed children (which is how most people are navigating in this world.)

If you are ready to be in an authentic, caring and loving relationship, you need to be in an authentic, caring and loving relationship with yourself. It is vital to take responsibility for your own healing work. Also to acknowledge you are not a victim. No matter what happened, it was an opportunity for you to grow on a soul level. If we don’t forgive, we stay stuck in the lower level victim vibration, impede the energy of grace, block off divine support and attract more situations where we feel powerless and victimized.

To begin this transformational process it can be helpful to consciously acknowledge though you have not always been treated with love, you are worthy of love. Then think about what it would mean to be more compassionate, affectionate and loving with yourself.  It is also vital to forgive others (though not necessarily allow them back in your life) and forgive yourself for not knowing better or doing better. The truth is, we all are doing the very best we can given our level of consciousness.  When we become aware of this, it can start soften our hearts and help the healing process to naturally begin.

Some additional helpful practices to dismantle heart walls include:

  1. Consider what would nurture you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and do these things for yourself.
  2. Say the things to your reflection in the mirror that you long to hear.
  3. Spend time in your inner world, and become familiar with your inner landscape. This can positively influence and affect your outer life.
  4. Make time to quite your mind, relax into silence and then make yourself available to hear the wisdom of the still small voice within.
  5. Speak your truth, don’t play games with yourself or others.
  6. Say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no. This can help establish healthy boundaries and help you become more clear about what is expected and shift how you will be treated.
  7. Listen to healing and empowering guided meditations. This will help your subconscious mind and conscious mind partner together, and help create positive changes in your life.

And while participating in these practices may mean some people will move away from you, they are not the “right people” for you. This will also create the space and vibration for those who are a more compatible and a “natural fit” to come forward in your life.

Well-being, love and happiness are inner qualities. Set the intention to tap into this inner state, and watch how your life shifts, uplevels and transforms. As you relax into the space of love within, and become more comfortable and empowered in your life, it will shift your posture from victim and fear-based, to empowered and love-based.  And what you attract from this vibration will always be better, healthier and more fulfilling.

Living life with an open heart, and in our truth, is how we align with our soul and Source. This is our ultimate strength. This is how we invite grace and flow into our lives, how we attract others of like mind and heart, and begin to experience a “heaven on earth reality.”

If you would like help dissolving the walls around your heart, I have many guided meditations on my website designed to support you. You can also be in touch with me at tammibphd@gmail.com with any questions, prayer requests, thoughts, revelations or anything else you would like to share.

Sending you blessings of healing, wholeness, grace, ease, peace and open-hearted, flowing, eternal love,


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