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Letting Love In

When we are young, we are innocent. It is our inherent nature to love and expect to be loved in return. As souls we come from love and we are wired for love. However, on this planet, plane and “school of duality,” it is inevitable we will eventually experience hurt, betrayal, disconnection and disillusionment. When […]

Courage, Confidence & Great Love

In order for life to show up in a supportive, kind and loving way, we must come into a supportive, kind and loving relationship with ourselves.  And since most of us have experienced a fair amount of drama, trauma and disillusionment in our lives, this can take some conscious intention and a bit of inner […]

Compassion as a Way of Being

We live on a planet of free will and choice, and while most of us would agree, we want people to be kind and loving, not everyone will make this choice.  As long as we are given the choice to create from fear or love, there will be those who live more from a place […]

Freedom and Independence!

I have to say, the Fourth of July is one of my very favorite holidays! Partly because it is the middle of summer (my favorite season), the relaxed BBQ’s with family and friends, and of course the beautiful sparkly colorful fireworks. These things all make my heart smile. Another reason I love it is because […]